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Prevent Aging Live Healthy Longer,Seeking Eternity with Hormones & Telomere

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Stars Prevent Aging

The unraveling of our genes by the Human Genome Project and follow on findings clearly showed the causes of aging and gave us clues of how to prevent aging.

We know that there are two principal causes of aging: the shortening of the telomere genes at the ends of our chromosomes each time a cell divides to replace itself and the decrease in hormone levels as we age.

A series of tests have proved that we can slow, and eventually prevent aging.

This book describes the aging processes and identifies what you can do to slow and eventually prevent aging.

Note the Contents:



Chapter 1 A Bit of History

Chapter 2 Understanding Our DNA Structure

Chapter 3 Understanding the Causes of Aging

Chapter 4 Understanding Hormones

Chapter 5 Understanding Telomeres and Telomerase

Chapter 6 Anti-Aging Treatments You Can Do Now

Chapter 7 Test Results and Measurements

Epilog: Search for Eternity


“Over half the baby boomers here in America are going to see their hundredth birthday and beyond in excellent health.  We’re looking at life spans for the baby boomers and the generation after the baby boomers of 120 to 150 years of age.”  Dr. Ronald Klatz American Academy Of Anti-Aging

“The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable.” Dr. Rudman After His Experiments Aging Is Preventable.

We can slow, cure, or even prevent aging effects if we catch the age-causing problem soon enough.

I had several TIAs (mini-strokes) seventeen years ago and lost my memory. My doctors fixed my problem with stents and drugs.  I have my memory back, and today it is perfect.

I had a heart attack sixteen years ago and another ten years ago.  My doctors fixed my problem with stents and drugs. I have had no problems for these last ten years.

I had prostate cancer and got focused radiation six years ago.  I have been completely cured.  My PSA tests have been very low for these last six years.

I had cataracts in both eyes and underwent surgery.  I now see perfectly.

I developed glaucoma, which increases pressure in the eyes and can lead to severe vision problems.  I have been taking medicated eye drops for four years, and my eye pressure has returned to normal.  I suffer no adverse consequences, except I will have to take the eye drops for the rest of my life.

I developed diabetes three years ago, but I caught it early enough to prevent its progression.  I was able to take medications to control my glucose levels, and I do not have to take insulin.

I was seventy pounds overweight.  My treatments for preventing diabetes and the use of a relatively unrestricted diet allowed me to bring my weight down to near-normal.

I used to look twenty years older than my actual age, yet I now look twenty years younger than my actual age. I am 79 and believe I will live past 100.

Am I living on borrowed time?

No.  I am taking advantage of new technologies to fix each health problem as it appears, and I am therefore dramatically improving my health and longevity.

The causes of aging and age-related diseases are finally being understood.

Dr. Rudman ran a series of tests on aging people and demonstrated that the effects of aging could be slowed and even reversed.  He concluded:“The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable.”

Tens of millions die from age-related conditions each and every year.  That is because they think that it is natural to get old and die.  They do not know about or do not take advantage of the programs that can already slow the processes and effects of degenerative aging.

America, and indeed the world, is aging. As the Baby Boomers continue to retire over the next several years they will significantly change society. Their diseases that come with aging will drastically affect the healthcare industry. But each of us can do something about it.

You can Prevent Aging.

You need to learn what you can do today to begin to slow your aging and to make sure that you live long enough to take advantage of all the future medical innovations now in the works.

You have choices of what you can do. Understand and put into practice a basic, proven anti-aging program specifically tailored for you. The future of medicine is in personal tailoring.

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