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Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe; Souls Reside, Soul purpose

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Paranormal activity begins in a parallel universe.
Paranormal Portal, Soul Reside, Soul Purpose


   Think about it. Ever wonder if there really is a soul ? What is Soul Purpose ? Do you believe that people can talk with the dead? If spirits of the dead exist, where do they reside? Do Parallel Universes really exist? Can we receive visitors from Parallel Universes? If so would they be ghosts and spirits with hidden secrets?

Paranormal Encounter, Soul reside & Soul Purpose

My friend Dr. Robert (Bob) Russell said he knew a girl that could communicate with the dead. I didn’t believe him. He invited me to an “encounter” to prove it.

We went to a very weird old house where a Paranormal Investigative Team was working. The team was led by the girl Amy, about 25 or so.  She had another girl and 2 guys about her age as the rest of the team.

They had some pretty sophisticated equipment.  Their equipment recorded the event in detail.

Amy asked if I believed it was possible that our dead reside in a parallel universe and about Soul Purpose.

I did not know how to answer her; I was astounded at what I saw and heard.  It inspired me to set out on a data collecting research project to try to determine the science behind paranormal events.

I tried to determine that, if there is a soul, how can it exist and be described scientifically.

This book describes our encounter, an explanation for the soul, soul purpose  and provides a movie script inspired by the encounter.

Customer Reviews

5 stars Bridging real physics with our deepest questions; this review is from: Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe (Paperback) The audio book version of Walter Parks’ fascinating tale of a complex encounter with entities from the other side comes out soon. It is a tense, thought-provoking work that kept me on the edge of my seat. The special effects and the real physics involved in the work are startlingly believable. A paranormal investigative team is sent to a troubled house, and the collection of scientific data linked to their encounters with some very angry entities reveals the tragic history of the family that lived there. Be prepared for some surprises!

5 stars This book presents some tough questions about paranormal events and the afterlife; this review is from: Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe (eBook) My Southern Baptist upbringing taught me that there is an afterlife.  But I had strayed from that belief until I read this book.  How else can we explain the thousands of paranormal encounters?  And now the scientists tell us that parallel universes are real.  And the author gives us a possible scientific answer for the soul.  A lot of information came together in this book.  The included movie script provided an interesting example of the possibilities.

Conclusion This is a must read for those interested in the afterlife, paranormal events, parallel universes, the soul, ghosts and spirits.

I used my findings along with the inspiration from the paranormal encounter to write a film script about the paranormal encounter.

This imagined script is included in this book.

Read the book and you will become a believer.

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